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Risky to buy a pre-owned Electrolux induction slide-in range?

9 years ago

Hi there,

I have been posting a lot on this board as we try to figure out appliances for our new kitchen. We need an induction range, and we love the look of a slide-in (but not the cost!) :-) We prefer the Electrolux to the GE for look and also for the extra oven on the bottom. However, I can't get a handle on the reviews. The overall reviews on Sears, AJ Madison, Home Depot, etc. are good, but there are scathing reviews on Amazon (and lots of complaints about the stove sprinkled within the reviews on the other sites.) Concerns seem to be related to the pricey control board breaking, the range "sinking" after install, and issues with the plastic casing.

We have a chance to buy a pre-owned EW30IS65JSA from someone who lives nearby and has recently switched to gas cooking. The range is about three years old with very light use. It seems like a great deal, but I am worried about reliability. Will we end up pouring money into fixing the range?

Also, has reliability of this range improved over the years? eg. Are we likely to have a better experience with a newer one (bought from a store) vs. one that was manufactured three years ago?

I welcome any input from this wise forum.

Thanks so much!


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