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Is my built-in fridge built in right???? (pix)

16 years ago

I've got the Kitchenaid KSSO42FTX0. It has the custom overlay panels that match my cabinets. When I moved in a month ago, I was bugged by the fact that the fridge sticks out an inch and a half from the cabs over it, but it didn't seem a big deal. Until Thursday, that is, when I couldn't get my daughter's birthday cake into the fridge. And then I couldn't pull the ice bucket out without emptying most of ice out of it first.

I've gone through the installation manual, and *think* I know what's wrong, but I'd really appreciate everyone's input on this. It looks like they forgot to take into account the depth of the countertop when they framed out the refrigerator door opening. As a result, in order to keep the fridge from sticking out 3 or 4 inches from the cabinets above it, they had to jam it so far back into the opening that the doors can't open more than 110 degrees (rather than the full 130 degrees it's made for) without smashing into the edge of the granite.

I'm going to paste in photos of it below. I'd really appreciate everyone's input on this. If your built-in fridge doesn't stick out like mine does, I'd really love some photos to show my GC.

What do you all think?????


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