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SL Old Ivy Modifications and Critique Please


My husband and I began looking at house plans four years ago but decided to buy existing, and now we're looking at building again. I've looked at thousands of plans and have just finally found a couple of stock plans that I think could be very close to what we would like. One of them is Old Ivy by Mitchell Ginn, also found on SL. A couple of things that need modifying: increase the great room to at least 20x20, basement foundation, modify the kitchen a bit to provide a bigger pantry and move the sink so that it's under a window or overlooking another room and the island is clear, and I'd like to have a mud/laundry room area and bathroom off the kitchen side that would open to both the back yard and the garage. We're trying to stay around 3000 to 3100 sq feet.

We have two kids, 2 1/2 and 9 months, and possibly another one down the road. We're planning to build on 2 to 5 acres or so of flat land and would like our views to be of the back and side yards.

My thoughts were to move the staircase and living room down about 4 feet to increase the great room, and add another foot or two to the living room. This would become a play/flex room for us. The front porch would be in front of the dining room only and the upper porch removed. The dining room at the south of the plan would become our home office and could be narrower - I'm thinking 9 feet wide or so. Then we would have an entrance to the mud/ laundry either on the north or south end of the kitchen. I want guests to be able to access the bathroom while also being able to close off the mud/laundry area with pocket doors if needed to hide the mess.

I was hoping to get some critique of this plan, as well as thoughts or ideas on how to best modify it to meet our needs so that I feel prepared when we contact the architect. Also, do these modifications seem too extensive? And when we contact them, should we let them decide how to modify it since they will have a much better way to do it than I could dream up. And I would be really interested in hearing if anyone has worked with them before.

Thanks so much - the information and knowledge on this board has been so impressive and helpful already!

Here is a link that might be useful: SL Old Ivy

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