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Laticrete Spectralock or QuartzLock2? Bill V?

12 years ago

We're down to the final questions for remodeling our boys' bathroom, an emergency remodel thanks to a toilet flood 6 weeks ago. I've read the FAQ that Bill V posted (thank you, Bill!), the "what was your best bathroom remodeling decision" thread and any other thread that came up with searches but I still have a few more questions. If I weren't under the gun, I'd have plenty of time to do this research but I don't so I hope you all will help me out, even though I may be asking questions that have been asked a zillion times.

So, on to the questions.

Our contractor uses both Laticrete Spectralock and QuartzLock2 grout and said that the choice is up to us. I read the concerns posted here about Quartzlock, which has made me question this product but I haven't found any concerns about QuartzLock2. Have the issues been addressed? We like the fact that it doesn't require sealing.

Does Laticrete Spectralock require sealing?

The tub/shower wall is porcelain tile (Pental Parc) and Cepac Serenity (think that's also porcelain but right now I can't recall). The floor is a porcelain tile (Provenza QStone). How do you seal grout without getting sealer on the tile? Or is that not a big deal?

How about cleaning of these two grout products? Can I use a steamer? Never owned one but friends rave about theirs and since I have problems using chemical products (asthma and fumes in small spaces, bad mix), I am thinking about purchasing one.

We've picked grout colors in Quartzlock II (before I read the concerns) but it's not a big deal to pick new grout colors (just more decisions, oh, joy).

One final question, not about grout but about membranes. Never heard of such a thing before I read the FAQ page. Given our recent toilet flood, I am seriously hydrophobic. How critical is this to use in our situation (cast iron tub, not tiled shower floor)? Our contractor is great about answering questions but I'd like to know more before I bring the subject up with him.

Any other tips appreciated! Much thanks!

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