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i can't get in itunes store, it has taken my music but can't buy

12 years ago

I rather not bother you with this but here are my stats coming up. I contact them. They take messages but can't return. I found a place where they will answer in 48 hrs. Nope.

I am allowed in the store but can't buy. Sometimes I get an error saying I need to be attached to the internet. Huh? I do not yet have an IPod but would have liked that.

Here we go. (God bless those who bought their phones etc.)

I get -9808 error

I have an Xp with Package 3, 47gb free

Enabled is ssl.3.0 and TLS 1.o

I am told I need secure link to ITunes store

I have an ethernet cable and Lan area connection and 100 Mbps

I can import my music

I can download CDs

I have gone thru diagnostics said I need need secure link

I went to Norton firewall and allowed Itunes

Had Itunes before 3 months ago.Old copy and updated.

Have updated to the latest Itunes in last 2 weeks

Allow Pop Ups.

If this is all too much, I would ask that you direct me to site where I can buy music and burn. I like a variety of songs. Thanks. I know this is a bugger of a problem. Have worked way into the night to help myself.

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