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You can't just tell me I can't use half gallon jars....

11 years ago

..... for canning anything but juice, and that I can't use them in a pressure canner without explaining "WHY?".

I gotta know - WHY don't they recommend canning anything but juice into them? WHY don't they recommend them for pressure canners? I just discovered this fact on Penn state's extension website last night. They gave no explanation other than "don't do it". A few other websites said the same with little to no explanation.

I have been canning chili toms into them for years. They work great for having one jar for one batch of chili. I use half the lids and can fit four into my 22 quart Mirro - 1 quart more per batch than I could if I used quart jars. I just fail to see any downside. My daughter is 6 and my son is three. As they grow, larger can sizes become more effective in cost and time savings in preserving food. A wide mouth lid costs 19 cents on a pint jar, a quart jar, OR a half gallon jar...

So whats the deal?

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