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Please Help!!! New Construction and windows leaking

14 years ago

We are building a new home and are at the stage where they just finished texturing inside. It rained pretty heavy yesterday and then it's raining again now. The masonry was supposed to start bricking yesterday, but couldn't due to the rain. When we went out yesterday, we had water in four rooms total. It appears that it's leaking around the transom windows in these rooms. It's to the point where it's ran down the wall and into a big puddle on the floor. I just left there now and our gameroom has three picture windows in it. They are all leaking, just dripping to the window pane below. The builder is assessing it as I type this. My question is, does all the sheetrock that got wet need to be replaced? That's what we're thinking, but think they builder may say it just needs to dry out. I worry about mold and mold spores. Three members of our family have severe allergies, and I'm afraid they will be affected by this if we don't get it replaced.

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