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Mix of polished and honed crema marfil on bathroom floor

9 years ago

We are in the process of remodeling our master bath (which we are paying a pretty penny for). We requested honed crema marfil 18 x 18 tiles for the floor. The tile guy (subcontractor) of renovating company laid approximately SIX polished crema marfil tiles around the perimeter of the room. The contractor was responsible for procuring the tile and we paid a premium for him to handle pick-up/delivery, etc. So, the tile shop he used must have mixed in a box of polished crema marfil with the order of honed crema marfil. It blows my mind that it was laid in the floor, as if it matched! When I noticed the difference and pointed out the SIX shiny tiles, I was horrified. Now, the company is suggesting using a vinegar solution to take the polish off. They tried a sample, and while it did take off the polish, I did not think it looked exactly the same as the honed tile. I have asked them to remove the six polished tiles and replace them with the correct honed tiles. Is this what you would suggest? Is there going to be a problem pulling up tile (will it damage surrounding tile)?

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