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Honed vs. Polished Marble Bathroom Dilemma

8 years ago

I'll start off by saying I am OCD so marble and me don't mix well. However, I have decided I am doing 18X18 Cararra marble on my bathroom's floors and 2" hex Carrara marble for my shower floor. I got a sample 12X12 from thebuilderdepot and it was fantastic. White-ish in color with distinct grey veining. After discussing with my contractor, I decided to go with 18X18 marble as I have a fairly large bathroom at 12' X 12'. I kept going back and forth between polished vs. honed. I plan on sealing the marble so I am not concerned about stains but I am concerned about the etching. However, I don't plan on any foreign substance being on the floor except water from the shower. I have read countless threads on this forum but still not sure if water etches? I live in North NJ where we have hard water so that is a concern. Even though I prefer the polished, I was thinking honed which hides etches better is a better compliment to my OCD.

To make it more complicated, the tile place where I got my subway (1 hour drive!) gave me a great deal on 18X18 polished ($9 sq. ft.) vs. the $9.95 on thebuilderdepot but I dont like the material as much. It is a bit more grey in color with less distinctive veining. However, it could just be that gave me a fantastic sample which isn't a good indicator of what I would get if I ordered 150sq. ft. I am lost :(

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