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Need help with family bathroom layout please! !

12 years ago

OK, I'm struggling to come up with a family bathroom layout that would maximize use-able space and allow for a large tub and roomy shower. This is the only bathroom on the 2nd floor and is shared by myself and three teenagers.

We're all on the tall size. I definitely want a double vanity so that two people can be using the sinks/vanity at a time.

We are all shower people in the mornings, and bath people in the evenings. I have decided that I want a large tub, and am thinking of getting one with air jets. I would like to have a large shower with a ledge.

The space is new (addition to 2nd floor so there is no existing plumbing that needs to be considered). However, two walls are outside walls.

The space is rectangular, 17' x 10'. There is space to move a temporary wall (inside east side) two more feet to 12' as this is also part of the addition. The 17' long wall is an outside wall on the west side. The 10' wall faces north. There is a cutout for a 4' window on the 10' wall which can be moved. The door opening is at the s/e corner (the opening is at an angle). We can also add a window on the west wall if we want.

I was envisioning placing the tub under the window in the centre of the back (north) wall. It would be sort of a focal point in the room and it would feel airy and open. Then we could have the toilet next to it on the west wall, with a privacy wall in front (so that it is not visible from the door). Then the shower could be in front of that, also on the west (outside) wall. I was thinking the double vanity could go on the right or inside wall. But my contractor says that a shower should not be on an outside wall because then the pipes could freeze. (Canadian winters, ugh). He wants me to put in a corner tub (60x60) on the n/w corner with the shower beside it (also along the north wall)but that way he could have the plumbing for the shower on an inside wall. That would not leave much space between the tub and shower. if we keep the width of the room at 10'. He thinks that a 4x4 shower is more than adequate. Allowing for a 5 foot tub and a 4 foot shower would leave only 12" between tub and shower! I am concerned, too, that a 4x4 shower is not roomy enough. My teenagers are growing and they are already huge! My eldest is a football player and weighs 240 lbs! I don't want him to feel cramped! The size of the room is generous, I think, so I don't understand why my contractor wants to me compromise on shower size!

My contractor wants the toilet and vanity to be on the long outside wall (west side). He thinks we should have the shower on the right wall (inside wall plumbing) with space for a change area, laundry hamper etc. in front of it.

I've been out looking at tubs and there isn't much of a selection for corner tubs. I've seen some that are 72" long that I like alot. I don't want to feel pushed into choosing something i.e. a 5x5 corner tub that I will ultimately not be happy with. I'm afraid that a corner tub right next to a shower will feel tight and closed in. Do any of you with corner tubs next to showers feel this way? I'm just thinking that with the size of the room there must be a better layout possible. And I can expand the width of the room to 12' from the currently proposed 10'.

I would like a privacy wall for the toilet, since we all share this bathroom and someone may be using the toilet while another person is shaving, etc.

I will try to post a drawing of the dimensions including where the door is. I have to wait until my kids get home from school to show me how to work the scanner. But I thought I would at least send this out and hopefully someone may have some advice for me.

I need to let the plumber know where everything is going asap and I am feeling pressure from my contractor.

I would appreciate any input or opinions or suggestions. This is our only full bathroom and as it will be heavily used, maximizing space is key.



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