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We need help with our bathroom layout for a 4-headed family.

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello Community, for years I am using houzz as an inspiration platform. And now it happened we own a house for ourselves. I really hope to get the missing inspiration for our (as far my researches show) unconventional bathroom-floor-plan (a L-Shape).

We are a family of four: 33y, 34y, 4y, 1y. By the time the kids will grow up and there will be a hassle who's the first in the bathroom ;) we love modern bathrooms, but we've been busy for days yet to find a nice layout.

This is why we came up with the following idea:

  • a separated guest toilet
  • a separated guest shower room (we've a big family on both side and expect a lot of overnight guest plus imagine the kids are turning 16 years)
  • a master bathroom with bathtub (especially for the kids) and two sinks. Plus my wife wants the toilet to be hidden as much as possible.
  • an extra laundry room with a dryer and wash-machine
  • (in case that you wonder: the red door at the top is going to be the way to the guest-room)

We are pretty free with the dimensions for the master bathroom, because plumbing and walls are made. Now coming back to my entry point: We love modern bathrooms! But this option (out of a lot...) still seems to miss something.

I appreciate every comment, tipp or inspiration. We are a little bit lost at this point and no new ideas coming up.

Best, Toby + family

(PS: I am german - so I apologize for any grammar/typos upfront :))

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