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I'm having a problem with an email.........

15 years ago


I received an email back in March from my cousin. I can't open it and I can't delete it.

When I click on it another small window opens saying, 'EarthLink TotalAccess MailBox has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.' I'm also asked in the bottom of the small window if I want to send an error report or not. I've sent an error report but the email is still in my inbox. If I click on 'don't send' it shuts down my email program.

I hate to call because I just end up in India............

Any suggestions or should I just wait and see if I receive a reply from sending the error report?

I've only just sent the report as I'd forgotten all about the email and just now went to clean out old emails and realized it was still sitting there.

Thanks Margaret.

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