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The Stools! I'm having a problem . . .

14 years ago

So decided to glaze my kitchen counter stools black last night. In my last thread I had posted a pic of how this would look, one coat and two, on a piece of sample wood. Well the sample wood didn't have a finish on it, the stools are shiny like poly? or something.

I was so excited! Got up this morning and they look streaky and dirty. I know it was only one coat but I don't think coat two is going to work any better. Should I use sandpaper to rough them up? The other problem is the wood I sample grain was tiny and even. The legs are...well cheap wooden stool legs where the grain is uneven.

For awhile I really thought about staining them to match the DR but I thought that would end up a mess. The stain wouldn't match exact and look like a real screw up.

The way it looks right now I'm ready to spray paint which isn't really the direction I wanted to go. Think the sand paper would help?

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