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Help me with Thing One's rehearsal dinner

11 years ago

Hi friends!

We're getting close -- less than 4 weeks now to the wedding, Sept. 4.

We are having the "rehearsal dinner" -- the quotes are because it doesn't have anything to do with the rehearsal, it's just a big party for all the out of town guests -- at our home the night before (Saturday). Plus we are inviting all the in-town friends who are hosting Friday night dinner or doing hospitality bags, although they won't all come -- that would be 3 nights in a row for them. But we are talking about maybe 180-200 people.

What were we thinking? :-)

Okay so here is the problem (if it DOESN'T rain -- I don't even want to think about if it does): what to do about mosquitoes? The other day I went out to water the garden (in the morning, even) for about 20 minutes, and I came in with a couple of dozen bites. It's not always quite that bad, but -- yikes!

What should we do? Bug bomb? Buy citronella bracelets for everyone? What works? What doesn't? I learned on the entertaining forum years ago that fans work the best, and I bought one, and it does, but that won't work for such a large area.

Here is the pertinent info: the yard is exactly 1/2 acre (including house, garage, flower beds, circular driveway), deeper than wide. It is pretty woodsy; lots of area covered by beds and ground covers, not so much lawn.

There will be tables in front, back, and side, but after everyone has gotten their food and we have the introduce-yourself-at-the-microphone part, we'll all crunch into the back and side (microphone in the corner, got it?).

We will have two tents, back and side, if it rains and one (back) or zero if it doesn't.

There is a big glass-ceiling-and-wall family room adjacent to where most of the outdoor tables will be. When we crunch everyone into the back, some people can sit in there and still see, and there will be a speaker indoors.

Okay, I think that gives you the picture.

What would you do about mosquitoes? So far an exterminator said they have a treatment that is very expensive and only 20% effective. I bet you can do better!

Thanks in advance.

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