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all design suggestions welcome for tiny beige bathroom

12 years ago


I have a very small downstairs bathroom with a neo-angle shower that my husband uses every day (he got this bathroom and I got the one upstairs...the secret to a happy marriage). Anyway, his bathroom needs a major refreshing. I don't want to replace the tiles, and I think with some creative designing I can make them look as if they belong. I do want to replace the shower doors, sink, toilet, mirror, lighting, and cabinet above the toilet. I will also paint. My tile guy says he can tile over the existing floor tile. My shower door guy says I may not be able to do a frameless door because there will be holes in the tile from the old door. I could really use some suggestions for fixtures, color, and general design advice. I'm thinking a white pedestal sink, and possibly a dark brown mirror and cabinet? My husband wants it to be "masculine", so no pastels, I guess. I would love some suggestions. Thank you!

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