Floor plan - your comments, please

9 years ago

I posted last month with our initial floor plan for a house we are building as a vacation home, which will eventually be our main home. It is just my husband and I, with kids and grandkids visiting occasionally. Our lot has an expansive view to the north/northeast and is steeply sloping from the curb to the bottom of the lot, approximately .5 acre. We're in a fairly warm climate so don't need a mudroom. We're okay with a small master bath and closet. There will be a partial walkout basement of about 660 sf that will initially be unfinished, but eventually contain a bedroom, family room, bathroom and office/workshop. On the plan below I want to push out the left wall of the guest closet to match the wall of the master bath so that the guest bath could be a couple of feet longer. The wall of windows in the great room/dining area will have two floor to ceiling windows with a sliding door inbetween them. The windows on the west wall of the bedrooms will be long, narrow windows about 5' above the floor. The deck will be covered and will be our main outdoor living area, although I would like to have a small patio in the front (south side) for cooler times of the year. We're trying to build for around $200/sf and we don't plan to use high end products. I like the tile that looks like a wood floor for the great room/kitchen area and carpet in the bedrooms. Thanks for your help.

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