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Thoughts and prayers needed for DH, serious health issues (long

15 years ago

It has really been a long week. On Tuesday DH was complainging of not feeling well, vomited and was nauteous. I called the Dr. and she said to give him some zantac and pepto bismol and see if it helped in an hour. It only got worse, and he was in a lot of pain, and this is someone who has a very high pain tollerence. So off we went to the er with a 5,3 and 1 year old ( sound like fun) after I knew that we were going to be waiting for cat scans and stuff I took them to a friends house. The scan showed up that he had gall stones, an umbilical hernia with some small intestines sticking out, inflamed bowels and a blood sugar of 320. The sent us home with pain meds and told us to go and see the surgeon next week.

Wednesday I decided that I was't going to make DH wait another week so I called our Dr.'s office and they were able to get us in that day. So I called MIL since Dh was told not to lift anything over 5 pounds and the girls are always hanging on him (our 2 monkeys) So I drove an hour and dropped them off. We went to the surgeon and took Hayden with us and the diagnosis was that he thought with the inflamation of the intestines that it was something like Crone's disease. His approach was to wait a week and repeat tests and cat scans and see what was found. He didn't feel the hernia could cause the problems nor the gall stones. So off we drive home after an hour drive there and back.

Thursday morning I went downstairs and DH was pretty much out of it and in a lot of pain. He was confused, couldn't stay awake and had tingling in his feet. I called our Dr. and she moved my ob appointment up and wanted to see DH. Good news for me I gained 8 pounds and the baby looks great, has long legs and still is shy:) She sent us up to the hospital to have DH admitted to try and control pain and to figure out what was going on.

When we got to the hospital his first blood sugar was 420. They were able to get his blood sugar stablilzed with insulin and found out he is now diabetic. Also able to control the pain. Dr. thinks that the gall stone flair up and intestinal and hernia irritation brought on the diabetes. He is type two and will test 4 times a day and they put him on antibiotics for his intestines in iv and sent us home with a week's supply. He is also under medication for diabetes. The hope is that with diet control and medication we can keep things under control. In the midst of being in the hospital, I ran Hayden to the neighbors at home and my sister came and got him and kept him over night and yesterday.

Ohhhh to add to all this I am hosting our 15th class reunion at my folks house and am scrambling to get all the food ready. So if you could send some good thoughts and prayers our way we would really appreciate it. It is going to be a long few months. They won't even look at the gall stones, intestines or hernia until the diabetes is under control.



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