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Talk to me about induction vs gas

10 years ago

I realise this subject has no doubt received a lot of attention in this forum, so forgive me for retreading old ground. However, I've recently had the chance to cook a few times on an induction cooktop (a gaggenau CI 262) and am trying to decide if I will go induction or gas for my new kitchen. I'd get a 90" gaggenau, so either the CI 491 induction or VG 295 gas. I'm hoping to be able to cook on a gaggenau gas cooktop to compare like to like, but want to hear from people in here what they think the pros and cons of each are. My thoughts so far:

Induction pros:
Easy to clean
Safer for small children (of which I have two)
More energy efficient
Cookware size must be matched to size of burner
Sides of cookware don't get hot, so you somewhat lose the benefit of the extra heat conductivity of clad cookware
Any warping in your cookware renders that cookware a bit useless on an induction cooktop
More expensive to repair?

Gas pros:
Seems to heat the pan more (all the way to the edge of the bottom and up the sides)
Don't have to match pan size to burner as much
Harder to clean
Open flames around kids

So far the main thing having me lean towards induction is the ease of cleaning, but my gut tells me that I like cooking with gas better. Mind you, I've only cooked on induction twice. Will it grow on me?

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