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Verizon Fios and Internet speed

10 years ago

When I agreed to a 2-year triple play with Verizon a few weeks ago in order to get my bill down, they upgraded me the Quantrum 50/25 that you see advertised on TV. It's saving us $30/month otherwise I'd be paying $15 more on an already high bill had we continued with "no contract" kept getting higher. They said my Internet would be blazing fast yet it's no different than the 25/?? that I had before which was decent.

I ran a speed test this morning (Verizon site) and it is showed less than 17 download and 18 upload speed (never ran one before) - should be close to 50/25. Called Verizon and they said all was fine on their end and indicated it was my computer but couldn't tell me what to check on my laptop. My computer has been optimized for the Quantrum.

Laptop running Win8 is 6 months old, updates daily, antispyware and malware ran last night, I keep it fresh and clean.

This is a wireless laptop and it peeves me that I'm being charged for a faster Internet speed. I realized wireless slows down speed a bit, but to half of what I should be getting is ridiculous.

Any suggestions on what I should check on this computer? Thanks.

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