New house on our street sitting crooked

10 years ago

We live on short culdesac street with 7 homes and I vacant lot--at the bottom left of the culdesac. Someone has bought the lot and started to build a house.--single story, minimum sq ft for HOA requirements. Our subdivison has an HOA and an architectural oversight committee with 3 HOA members on it--the HOA president and 2 others.

The architectural oversight committee signed off on allowing this house to be built with the front door opening onto the garage of the home next door vs facing the center of the street/middle of the lot's front--

I saw the plans today that were submitted and there is no question that the house in not centered on the lot or that it looks terribly awkward and frankly, ugly, in that location. Also talked to the builder putting it up and he said that he tried to talk the owners out of using that orientation when they brought the plan to him. He told them it was not how the house should sit on the lot but they refused to really change the plan to get different orientation or to center the house.

Originally they had the plan for a rectangular lot in different subdivison in different town close by--then decided the house behind that lot had windown that looked down into their yard--so they looked for a new lot.

They have twisted the set up of the house to maximize the privacy in the back yard--and damn how the front looks.

Supposedly the husband of the couple building it has a Master's in Construction Technology based on what he told the future next door neighbor....

I took photos today but don't really know how to post them here to show how off balance this construction will be. Right not they are just framing it--no roof or exterior walls are up--but when they start to enclose that and give it real "body" and "weight" then the ugly nature will be much more apparent...

The developer who started the subdivision stated there was no way he would have allowed anyone to put that house up when he was in control. We can't fathom would possess an archetectural committee to allow something so ugly to be permanent part of this subdivision. It will degrade the overall appearance of our street from now until forever. The next door neighbor who will be more impacted by this bad design has talked to her attorney about finding an attorney with experience suing HOAs--but that would really damage ALL the homeowners -- just like this bad construction will--

I know so many people are against HOA's but the only value if to have them keep botched construction ideas and negligent owners from ruining people's property values--and this they could not do...

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