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New Samsung Induction slide-in

9 years ago

Last year, there was a bit of buzz here about Samsung's announced slide-in induction range with knob controls. It now seems to be shipping. The model number is NE58H9970WS.

For those who like rotary knobs for their digital interface on stoves, it does have knob controls for the burners. The oven is pure touchpad.

But (and this is a very big qualifier), Lowe's is currently asking $3,999. It is is taking orders for delivery in about three weeks. (Link below for anybody who might be curious.)

Other stores apparently will sell it for somehwat less. (I found an online listing for PC Richards asking $3300).

That still makes the Bosch Benchmark (HIP501u) and Electrolux slide-ins look like better deals and makes the GE PHS920 slide-in look like a positive bargain (at $2449 at AJ Madison, $2300 at Goedekers according to

The Samsung does seem to have some things that other induction ranges do not.

One is full-depth stovetop cooking surface (looks to be 23" to 24" inches deep in contrast to most others, which are more like 19"). (The burner layout may not be to everybody's liking. though).

Two is the ability to partition the oven into upper and lower chambers, each with its own convection fan and temperature control. This is now called "Twin Mode." (Samsung used to call this this a "Flex Duo.")

Three is in the gimcrack whizbangery category: Samsung installed some kind of stovetop LEDs around each burner ring. These supposedly mimic the look of flames to help cooks who are accustomed to judging heat levels by watching flame height on gas ranges.

Think I'm kidding? Have a look at Samsung's site (which gives a list price of $4099, btw)..

One thing that looks like a design flaw to me is that the oven vent seems to be at the left front, above the oven door and below the control panel. That seems like a really bad idea to me because it is to throw heat and/or steam up onto the left-hand burner controls. (Of course, this is how they manage to have the deeper cooktop.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung slide-in at Lowe's

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