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Update on new Samsung induction range

10 years ago

I just thought I'd post about the Samsung induction range I got last spring. It was a floor model I got for $1000 at Lowes. It's model NE595NOPBSR and was just discontinued when I bought it. I don't have gas where I live unless I install a propane tank, and so induction seemed like a great alternative. The installation was a little tricky. The feet are kind of flimsy and bend easily, so my husband had to make wooden blocks to get the range to level properly. Also, the cord was too short. Other than that, the installation went fine. After it was installed, it has been pure heaven. The induction cook top allows me to do everything I want--from power boil, to delicate simmer. I'm a South Louisiana cook, so make roux, gumbo, etc and it's a breeze with this cooktop. I would like the option of a dual size burner, but I've been OK with the four provided. The unexpected pleasure of this range is the oven. I had a Kitchenaid convection range before, and it never worked well at all. This Samsung, however, is great! It heats evenly, cooks delicate breads all the way up to very hot roasting. I absolutely love it. The only downside is that the convection fan splatters cooking juices all over the inside of the oven, but the quick steam clean feature allows me to keep on top of it. In summary, it was a GREAT $1000 induction range. If I had paid $2500 for it, I would have looked for more durable/stronger metal parts and more flexible burner sizes.

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