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Induction Range Recommendations?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

A GW thread or two convinced me a few months ago to switch my dream range from gas to induction cooktop. Because of that, the oven below (all in one units are less expensive....) will also run on electricity. (Note, I'm used to electric since that is what I've always had, but I've cooked on gas at my brother's, so I'm adaptable.)

I'd like to hear about recommendations from folks about what unit has worked best for them; what didn't work; and why. I am interested in NOT breaking the bank -- I'd really prefer a five or six burner unit, but I'll deal with a four-burner unit, if I can space it out so that I can actually use the thing for canning produce and the like (hot water canning definitely; pressure canning as an option if I can fit that in!) The countertops WILL be quartz, so we need a burner that can do at least the former without sitting partially atop the countertop.

(if it may break the bank... tell me about it anyway, if it can deliver on canning...)

I do know I will have to replace much of my current cookware. I have been replacing skillets with induction-friendly ones.

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