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Please show me your tiled showers

16 years ago

Especially your tiled showers that used a rock tile for the floor. It's most appreciated.

And I can not believe I'm starting up another remodel. We've been in this house for two and a half years and have redone every room but the master bath. The kitchen was a year long project and looks gorgeous.

This bathroom was supposed to be one of those rip out the tile, replace the toilet and vanity types of deals. $1500 cost, maximum.

Now we're talking about tiling the floor in carerra marble (any cheap sources welcomed, PLEASE), tiling halfways up the wall, tiling the shower. Building in some linen cabinets. Granite topped cherry wood vanity.

Someone please save me. I'm cheap by nature (entire kitchen remodel should've cost about $30k, I whittled it down, with the same materials, to $12) so another remodel may do me in.