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help! bewildered by shower fixture choices,

14 years ago

I thought I'd go on Ebay, find a shower unit with a shower head, hand held, temp control and valve that I could hand to my plumber with everything included. Ha!

The more I researched the more confused I got. And I realized that high quality is essential since it's going behind expensive tile. I'm not going to cheap out this time and buy an off brand like I did with the sink faucets. I spent all the money I "saved" in repeat plumber visits.

Here's what I'm looking for. All suggestions would be apprecated: a regular shower head (not rain shower) and a hand held shower. Chrome, modern design.

Is it possible to stay under $500, including the valve?

What do I need to buy to accomplish both tasks - shower head and hand held? Do I need two valves? Two controls? does anyone make a dual unit? Suggestions for websites?

I like the Danze Sirius control a lot, but it's not rated on the extremely helpful faucet rating link I found on this forum. Anyone have it?


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