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miele dimension repair problems, please advise

9 years ago

Hi all,

I am hoping for some moral support and advice on what to do about my DW. After much research and advice here and elsewhere, I decided upon the Miele Futura Dimension 5675, the one with the large metal handle. I purchased it almost one year ago when we began remodeling our kitchen.

This coming Wed. will be my 7th service call. The first issue was in December of last year, the door hinges broke and the very heavy door completely fell, slamming to the ground with a loud popping sound. A service call was made to reset the pulley system that controls the door hinges. It has never been right since then. Repeated visits involved a variety of issues relating to the original problem of the very heavy door unexpectedly slamming to the ground. This has ultimately resulted in the replacement of the entire interior door panel and hinges. However, things are still not lining up and the machine doesn't close properly, leading to increased noise when running not to mention I have just recently discovered a slow steady leak. There are also problems with two of the screws that hold the interior door panel on which have fallen out because the anchors on the inside of the panel have broken off. I was very concerned about water damage to the electronics because the screws that are out are right by that area. The tech's solution was to put a type of foil tape over the hole. This is not an acceptable or long term fix in my opinion, especially since I will be out of warranty very soon.

At my last few service calls, I have repeatedly pointed out a white film on the floor by the toe kick near the left edge of the machine. I also constantly have a lot of buildup of what looks like food and detergent residue all along the left side of the door panel, outside of where the rubber seal is. My old Whirlpool would leave a filmy spray of detergent on the sink cabinet so I thought that was what was happening. This seems like it all points to the fact that the machine does not close properly. When I pointed it out, the tech said all machines get that, its just spill over from when you load the machine and you drip food and such. BS!

I usually run the machine at night so I won't have to hear it since it has never been as quiet as before the first problem happened. Last week, I needed to run a second load so I started it after dinner and shortly after it started I noticed something shining that caught my eye near the toekick. Yup, water! I removed the toekick and wiped up a small puddle. I then placed a paper towel under to determine where it was dripping and then I found it, on the left side where I usually find residue on the door and floor. Once I felt around, I could feel the floor boards have wrinkled in that area. I have pressure treated plywood under the DW, with the engineered wood floorboards coming just past the toekick area. (The floors were preexisting before the remodel.) Anyway, I am worried about water damage and possible mold since I am on concrete slab.

I have asked Miele for a replacement, and the tech will come on Wed. to attempt to fix again and they said I have to have him call his field supervisor to report on the issues and whether or not they will authorize a replacement. I am worried, because when I had bent hinges and warped interior door panel, I had to escalate and demand and basically try to prove that I didn't stand on the door to bend it or fall on it or drop a super heavy stock pot on all the specific places that were bent. Seriously! I had asked the supervisor then about replacement because the tech had said that the fix was going to be super expensive and possibly not worth it. However, the answer I got then was "we always fix, we never replace".

I have not gone through the appliance store for any of my service issues, I have just called Miele directly, so I am wondering if I should contact them to help out. I am in California, if that makes a difference in my rights. Even if I get the machine replaced, should I still choose the same model? If Miele won't replace, I will pursue a buyback with the store and could choose a different brand but I'm not sure what I would do. Also, do they have any liability for the floor? I don't want to create any bad blood here about Miele, but I do feel like I got a lemon and that their techs, while helpful, have missed the obvious, especially with the leak. I have had to be the detective and figuring out each problem along the way by inspecting and taking note of all the various issues along the way (even noticing the warped door). I fully realize that other manufacturers would have said goodbye and good luck before now.

Please advise, thanks!

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