Right click to save picture not working

14 years ago

I am having problems trying to save a picture to my desk top. Sometimes I see some great ideas and want to save the image as a sample to remind me what I had seen.

when I right click and the image comes up as a Gif or a PNG and I save those I can open up that image.

Where I have the problem and I did not used to have this problem until the last few weeks is: After I right click the the screen pops up and I chose save picture as then another screen pops up and the image is listed as an art, I change this on this pop up screen to a bitmap. IF I leave the picture as art it still does not open. and when I do this The picture does not open says no preview available, or in another software it says unreconizable header.

I have tried using Windows, innernet explorer and ACDSee to open these pictures.

How can I open these What has changed? I am using Windows XP. I had a friend right click on the exact same pictures and she has no problems at all opening and saving the pictures. We both use AOL and Windows XP.

Thank you I hope you can help me.


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