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Is it worth saving this spruce tree? Picture included

9 years ago

We built on a lot and just moved in about 2 months ago. In the back 2 corners of the lot were 2 spruce tree that must have been planted by the developer in the past 3-5 years. The trees are probably now about 8-10' tall now.

It looks to me, and the landscapers who laid the sod, that the 2 spruces were / are planted far too low in the ground. The landscaper tried to have his crew raise up the trees but the root system was much too established that even a bobcat couldn't pry the trees out of the ground. Of course these trees could have been planted correctly years ago but because of all the re-grading needed in the homebuilding process a lot of the topsoil could have covered up the trunks.

Right now the top of what I could ascertain is the rootball is at least 18" below grade on one tree and probably about 12" on the other. There is a deep depression now built around the trunks in the hope that some water gets to the roots.

Long term view, will these spruce make it planted as is now? I'm indifferent to keeping them and if there is even a slight chance they'll just die out planted as such I'd rather get them out now and plant something new on either side of where they currently are.

I really dislike the appearance of the depressions surrounding the trunks now. Could I just fill in those depressions with dirt? Will the roots get enough water if I did that?

Thanks in advance.

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