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Need a new all-in-one printer

15 years ago

My HP printer-scanner-copier-fax just died. I looked at cnet to find one, but found that what they liked didn't necessarily mesh with customer experiences. And some were more oriented toward business.

I've always gotten my best help here, so thought I'd ask.

I need an all-in-one machine. I only fax a few times a month, but need to be able to do that from home. Ideally the copy portion would allow both flatbed (so I could open to a book page and copy it), as well as an area to feed multiple sheets and just let the machine copy one at a time. Currently, I only have a flatbed copier, so if I have a 50 page document to copy, I have to do one page at a time - and wait too long for each one to scan. I will print some photos - if the photo copy was good enough to go in a photo album, that would be great. I don't need extreme speed as I'm not printing documents in a big rush. If printing a 50 page document takes 4 minutes or 14 minutes, it's not as important as the other features.

And it would be good if it weren't huge (I looked at the HP 7760 I think it was - something like that but it's footprint was about 20" by 24" and 14" high). If a decent machine with the qualities I like needs that much space, I'll find a way to fit it. But 70% smaller would be good.

I have a couple of hundred dollars worth of HP 45 and 78 cartridges - but I know I shouldn't base my printer choice on using those cartridges. I mention it just in case there's a good all in one printer that does use those. My budget would be $200-500 (and the upper range only if necessary and it washes my dishes for me).

Thanks for the help.


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