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Almost Final House Plans - anything glaring?

9 years ago

Hi all. Excited to be at this point but it's kind of surreal. :) I promised I'd share our 'smaller' house for those of you that are also working toward a trim build and others like me that just like to look at all of them. :) So here it is.

We are close to finalizing the plans. They are pretty true to what is drawn - we have requested windows on the 2nd floor on the outside walls for the boys so they can have more light and cross ventilation.

I have it in a pdf which is tough to copy into a picture without losing some clarity. The main level is 1,785 square feet, upper 590 and lower is 915 (to be finished at a later date).

Overall we love the elevation (really wanting a 1 story look with a 2nd story off the back and I think he achieved that well). The layout is also how we want it to be for the way we live - I realize some areas may be a bit strange (laundry/closet) but I think it will work well for us.

Thanks to all that offered input on the laundry/master closet and bathroom area of the house. I really appreciate all of the feedback and options presented.

The plan is for this to be our forever house. Neither my folks nor my dh's have moved around from house to house so it's not a stretch for us to actually stay put. Our boys are 8 and 10 - we feel they will be fine upstairs and give them some privacy - okay give US some privacy now and also as they grow and move out and come back (to visit) and all that good stuff that is yet to come!

Main Floor:
The only hang up I really have at this point is the pantry access being in the mudroom. I can't see a way to get that thing IN the kitchen proper. I am telling myself it's fine because in a larger kitchen the distance would likely be the same but not feel awkward. Right??? :P
edit: the square in the pantry is our 2x3 chest freezer - I figure getting that in there is a bonus that maybe offsets not having the entrance in the kitchen.

The stairs in the garage lead down to the basement mechanical area. We will use that for bringing materials and furniture down instead of trying to work them down a U shaped stairwell.

2nd Floor:
It was originally drawn with a jack and jill bath but all of the doors were driving me nuts. I prefer this layout with access from the hall. There is a little 'niche' about 8x10 to the right of the stairs that they can hang out in. We may put some bean bag chairs up there or something for them to lounge in. Right now they love little out of the way spaces.

I am soliciting feedback on anything that we may have missed after staring at it for so long...and NO we can't go up in square footage. We were striving for under 2000 sq feet (main and upper) and it's at 2375 already. This will be quite roomy compared to what we are moving from now.

Do the site lines look okay from room to room? That is one area I struggle with on my own. Roof junctions? We do get SNOW!

DH is antsy to get it going so we can start quoting and break ground this fall to have it buttoned up before winter.

Property: 2 wooded acres with neighbors only on the North and South through the woods - house faces west. Lot is wider than it is deep but backs up to state land so will not be built on back there.

Thanks for your feedback!









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