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Curious About Bathroom Styles I'm Seeing Here

9 years ago

Our last major remodel was in 2007. It included the master bathroom, bedroom, kitchen wall tear out, added peninsula, entry and transforming LR to a dining room. Yes, I'm still married (to the same man) :) DH's battle scars are now healed and he's agreed to redo his bathroom. There are so many beautiful bathrooms here but I'm not seeing anything like what we want to do in ours. Light and airy and vintage seems to be the "in" look. I'm still going to go with what we like but I'd love to see some bathrooms (if there are any) that incorporate deeper, darker, richer tones. We live in Texas and tend to lean towards those kinds of colors and tones except for my bathroom that is blue sea tones and light break from the rest of house but that's ok with us This will be a outdoorsmen "manly" bathroom that I will attempt to keep from being TOO rustic :) Right now the only known factor is the granite vanity top. The sink is still up for discussion. Stained vanity, wood porcelain floors and a subtle tile tub surround with accent tile (probably just an embossed design of the same line/color. Even 90% of the bathrooms on Houzz are light and airy contemporary or vintage. Hard to find inspiration.

Granite: Desert Dream

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