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'Vista' AV software review---get a good one

16 years ago

Vista users or wanna-be-Vista users, please read the link below. No Windows bashing at all (my soapbox however is, as always, right here with me though!) please, for your own and your friends/family etc sanity, just stay nice and running and non-contagious!

Though I (nor the other person here running Linux either!) haven't any use for such things, I do tend to sorta/kinda/in-a-way keep up with IT "security" issues and the like. And though it may not appear so, I feel terrible for those suffering from the seemingly ever increasing number and type of cyber assualts running ever more rampant across the WWW. Why it may reach the point where even I, and even hardened Linux and even Solaris and BSD users will need to start being concerned and pro-active about such things. That day comes and I am going back to OpenBSD, a real pain to install, or was anyway, but it's apparently damn near uncompromizable. That or maybe the ever more secure and publically available close to uncompromizable Linux from yer friends at the National Sceurity Agency (NSA),SELinux.

I found this this evening and thought it would be a good thing for all the prospective MS "Vista" users to be aware of the articles content.

>>>> "Microsoft's own anti-virus software was one of several Vista-compatible programs that failed to sniff out all the malware currently loose in the wild, a noted testing publication said Friday. "Virus Bulletin," a U.K.-based publication whose VB100 tests are considered one of the benchmarks of the anti-virus industry, put 15 Vista programs up against January's WildList, a dynamically-updated master list of all viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware currently spreading. Five failed the test, including Microsoft Windows Live OneCare 1.5 and McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.1i." Or, you could get a copy of SimplyMepis or VectorLinux or PCLinuxOS or MintLinux or DreamLinux or, yeah baby....KNOPPIX!!! and worry no more.....

This is one of 21 tabs on 4 windows on Opera9 on SimplyMepis6 on desktop 5..... just one of 3 browsers with lots of windows/tabs open on each running on a very stable system.... It's the only way to go you know.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Vista AV

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