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Looking for Electrolux and Bosch double wall oven Reviews

12 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie to this forum and was looking for some wise advice on double wall ovens. We currently have 22 year old 27 inch GE Profile double wall ovens that we are looking to replace as part of our kitchen "updating" project this summer. I was hoping to get some insight on 27" double wall ovens from you. Based on this forum and others I have heard that Electrolux is a good way to go. Can anyone add any insight on your experience? I read many threads about a past problem they had a couple years ago--and it worries me--but what have your experiences been?

Today, I went to an appliance store and the sales guy pushed Thermador--when I told him that it was out of our budget he suggested Bosch saying that it was a "step-down" but essentially similar. Any Bosch owners out there that can offer some insight? I cook for a family of 5 every day--and I use my oven quite a bit. I would love to hear more about your experiences... Thanks so much!

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