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My Holiday Weekend Project

13 years ago

. . . the "Before" pics only, because I need to start the "After" as soon as I can muster up energy and the Tylenol for my aching shoulders, arms and back kicks in ;^D

DH & I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday painting the living and dining rooms. Ugh . . . what a time-consuming job that was! Taking down a gazillion paintings and books and whatever, moving furniture to the middle of the room and taping miles of blue painters tape around 5 French doors, 3 patio doors, 4 windows, one fireplace and yards and yards of brick baseboards! Not to mention that I did all the trim work, including painting around the many (many!) wood beams and corbels on our 13 ft. high wood ceilings.

Now, I realize that all this may sound like nothing to you who like to paint frequently, but I HATE, hate hate to paint and avoid it like the plague . . . until this past weekend, that is. I have the reputation in my family as being the world's worst painter. I've knocked over paint cans, stepped into paint trays, leaned against newly painted wet walls and always seem to forget where I stopped painting, thus painting many areas twice . . . or more. BUT, I'm so proud of myself, because I didn't do any of the above this past weekend . . . except the painting many areas twice (insert red face here).

And so, I'm posting a few Before pics here now, so that I'll be shamed into putting this place back in order again quickly, instead of sitting here in my family room, procrastinating and feeling exceptionally sore and lazy ;^D

Warning, the place seriously looks like someone stirred it with a stick!






And the foyer not only has piles of Autumn decs still needing to be packed away, but all the still-filled drawers from both my antique dresser and chest of drawers from the dining room and the two pieces themselves. I truly hope that no one shows up at the front door today, because I doubt that I can reach it, let alone open it!


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