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RP: How to decorate a long holiday mantle

14 years ago

We have a LONG mantle (about 9ft long) and I am looking for new ideas to decorate it for Christmas.

Here is a pic of the mantel... this is after we installed it so the decor is lacking..

here is the mantle last christmas. Its a little dark but I have faux greens up there and we have the stocking holders and some other accessories. There is also colored lights. DH hates white - says its not festive enough. Some of the accessories I have on there usually is: white ceramic santa, candleholder with burg and white candles, clear snowmen, red hurricane, stocking holders are 2 deer and a santa sleigh (can't see the sleigh too well) and I am looking for another deer maybe or something different for the dog stocking.

We will have an additional stocking up there this year as we have a new baby.

I like the greens up there butmaybe just not those. Not sure what I can add. It is not one long garland.. those were too bulky and fake. I had bought a bunch of picks at AC Moore a few years ago and those are scattered up there with some regular greens. THe picks are different kinds of greenery. I add red and white berries as well as pinecones in there.

I saw these lights but I am not sure how these would look or what to put with them if I did them...

Can I see some of your mantles for inspiration and if you can give me details on what is on them that would be great?

What would you do with this LONG mantel?

TIA, Ruth

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