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Judydel and others that decorate in the farmhouse/ country style

12 years ago

I am curious to know what bathroom countertop materials that you use. Downstairs, we have mostly pedestals, both in our master bath and a powder room.

It all began when I decided to change out my son's sink in his bathroom. You know the story " If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" kind of scenario. It all seems to begin with a small thing and then takes on a life of it's own! Anyway, I started wondering if maybe I should go ahead and change his countertop out before doing the sink and new plumbing fixtures. Currently, his countertop is white 4x4 glossy tile on a countertop that is 5' long. There is nothing wrong with it but I am wondering-is this outdated? And so I thought I would see what you who like the farmhouse style use. Thanks for your help. If you have pics, would love them too!

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