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Transoms above sliding french doors

13 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here and need some opinions on this. We are having in our family room french sliding doors that open in opposite directions. They will be 12' wide in a 17' wide wall. 4 sections with the 2 in the middle opening and the ones on the ends stationary. I'm worried that 8' ones might be a little heavy to open on a regular basis. I know I sound wimpy but I started to think about this and wonder since this is our forever house and we are in our sixties if a 8' slider might get rather heavy to open regularly, like letting the dogs in and out etc. Do any of you have 8' patio doors? Are they heavy to move, do you get tired of using them, or am I making to big a deal out of it. The woman at the window company said transoms really break up the look, that if you can its much better to go with an 8' door. What are your thoughts on that as well. Thanks for any feedback, all opinions welcome :)

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