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How would you handle these contractor issues?

11 years ago

We are having difficulty with the contractor we hired to redo our bathroom. The job was supposed to take 3 weeks and we're now on week 7 and it's still not done. What's worse is that what is being done now is completely unacceptable workmanship.

We were out of town last week and returned Saturday night to find sloppy paint jobs (paint on the new grout, on the new floor, on the new light fixture, etc), all surfaces needing a second coat of paint, exhaust fan and sconce not fitting entirely over the drywall hole, pitted mud job on the drywall, casing on the door not to spec and from unsanded wood stock, plumber grouted section where tub meets tile and the grout is already cracked, brickmold not installed on outside of new window (and not primed or painted), towel bars and rings not installed, door not primed or painted, etc. He sent an email that he's coming tomorrow to "do some touch ups and return the key". To me, all of those are much more than "touch up" issues. Not to mention there was paint on our hardwood floors, paint in the kitchen sink, drywall dust all over the floor - so he's also not cleaning up after working.

I don't feel that the workmanship reflects the price I'm paying and I feel I could do a better job myself. I actually originally asked for painting NOT be included in his bid but he convinced me to just let him handle it. Now I wish I wouldn't have caved.

So, we've never dealt with a contractor and I can't decide what my options are. We haven't paid the last third of the fee and he's repeatedly told me we don't pay until we're happy. However, the caulk/grout issues won't be addressed until the end of the month because the plumber is out of the country until then. And I'm not convinced this contractor is ever going to do this job like I think it should be done.

If I'm just going to go over his workmanship myself when he leaves, I'd rather just fire him and finish it on my own. But my DH thinks we should force him to get it done. I'm just so tired and want my bathroom back :(

So, how would you handle it?

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