Frustrated teacher ,rag doll poem anyone have one?


A friend of mine saw a poem about a teacher and a rag doll.

I'm not sure how it goes.It seems to be if the teacher is frustrated with the children she goes to the doll.

Anyway she found the rag dolls, now can't find the poem.

Thought it may have been posted here.

Or if someone is good at poems and wants to try one

that would be great too.

It would be deeply appreciated.


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Not sure if this is the one or not, but it is a cute teacher poem!

I promise never to yell in class
And I promise not to talk in line
And I promise not to throw things
Or to hit or pinch
And I promise not to have temper tantrums
And to always be good
And to set a good example for all the children
Because I am the teacher
Because I am the teacher
Because I am the teacher...

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The one she talked about had something to do with pulling hair.I did'nt see it,but we're trying to find it.

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here's one I used a couple of years ago. I printed it out and rolled it up like a scroll and tucked it under the arm of a little angel doll. Sue :)

I'm your Teacher Guardian Angel,
On your desk I will reside.
No matter how tough your school day,
I'll be here by your side.
Your students may have left their work
At home for the dogs to eat.
They may have lost their 'listening ears',
Or have trouble staying in their seat.
No matter what the problem,
Please know I'm close at hand.
I'll help you enjoy every day,
And make your lessons go as planned!
~Author Unknown by me~

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Jacksmum Thanks for the poem.I'm sure we'll find a use for that one.It's too cute.

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