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Remember the very first doll you made?

21 years ago

I'm up for some nostalgia this afternoon. If some of you would like, it would be really warm and cuddly to hear about the very first doll you ever made. How did it come about? What prompted you? Care to elaborate? I was reminiscing over the phone, this morning, with my mom, who is in poor health. She remembers me making a doll when I was very young. It got me about the rest of you? I was about nine, in third grade. I was allowed to go with a friend, to the library, check out a book on doll making. This was in the late 50's and it was still safe to walk a couple miles, unattended. We got the book, went to the hardware store, got copper wire and came home. Ripped up a sheet, gathered bandage tape and an old blanket for stuffing. We made the form from the copper wire, wrapped it with ripped sheet strips, covered it with the white bandage tape and put a piece of nylon from stockings over the head. We didn't have pantihose. Sewed it on, painted the eyes and used red nail polish for the little rose bud mouth. Made a funny looking outfit and called it a finished project. I still have her, this many years later. I've made a few dolls over the years, for my daughters but only occasionally. Now I'm beginning again and don't know anyone around me, personally who has the same interest. Just feeling kinda isolated today and thought I'd ask.

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