My Mom's Memorial Cards


I posted this one the craft site and just realized I guess I should have put this here. If you would like to see this it is on the craft site under My Mom's Memorial Cards. This was my first attempt at making memorial cards. We got the usual mailings that wanted you to order them. I decided I could make one that was more personal and I thought prettier. She loved Dogwood trees (the flowers around the edge and I know dogwood blooms are on trees and not on a vine but I put the blooms on the vine to make a border. She loved flowers of all kinds but the Iris was her favorite flower. She loved hummingbirds (she had feeders everywhere). On the back I put another border with the obit inside the border. I print front and back on the same paper, cut them out, fold and laminate. Since then ('93)I have made my grandmothers, cousins wife that died of cancer at age 21, my uncle and relatives of some friends. I still have several to make including my dad's but it is really hard to make these because you cry the whole time you are working on them. I am always searching the web for poems to put on these cards. I read and read these poems to find just the right one to go with the person.

This is the poem that I have on it--

God's Flower Garden

It's hard to lose the ones we love,

To see them pass away,

The sweetest and the kindest gone,

While others are left to stay.

But if we had a garden,

With roses fair and bright,

We'd often Pick the loveliest,

And think it to be right.

And so as is with Jesus,

In His Heavenly garden here,

He often picks the fairest flower,

The ones we love so dear.

The flowers that are picked by Him

Will never fade away,

We know they'll live forever,

And we'll see them some sweet day.

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Oh how beautiful. What a loving caring way to remember a loved one. Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea.

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Beautiful memorial to your Mother.

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God bless you & your Mother too.

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