Please Help a GW friend in need?


Sorry for the oblique title, but not sure how to ask this. I want a new computer and not sure where to get advice. Hoping you all will have some info or will be able to direct to another site. I want my own computer. Our shared one uses windows 7 and MS Office. It is not friendly for much I want to do.... storing folders and playing with pics,and seems to offer waaay more than I need, and thus gets confusingly frustrating. Of course, I am impatient and have very little left brain. :>/ Have heard that Apple is much more user friendly.?? If I stay with MS, is there a way to make it simpler, offering less options for where to store things, etc. etc.? TIA.... Big Time!!!

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Go to the Computer forum. There is alot of help here, or Kitchen Table. Mac seems to be easier to understand. Are their any places in your area, like HS or college that you can take classes. Many areas have adult classes, and even the local libraries have classes. You can ask at places like Staples, BUT, they will try to sell you anything. Informaton first, then buy
Good luck

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thank you, marie. I see this is not the correct forum and 'computer forum' is where I need to ask such things...thanks again!

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