need help enlarging a picture


I need help for a friend. She has downloaded a bmp picture on a message board of her family, but the picture is so small (something like 175x223). I copied it to my computer and changed it to a JPEG format in Adobe Photoshop, then enlarged it, but it's really blurry. I even downloaded RealJPEG and changed the format this way, but it's still blurry.

How can I change a BMP format to a JPG and enlarge it without it being blurry?

Thanks, Dee

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Hello Dee.

I am in no way a pro but I have never been able to enlarge a small picture without it being blurry. It has something to do with the megapixels (how many dots per inch). Even if it does look clear on the computer screen more than likely if you try to print it it will be blurry.

If anyone knows of a way to do this please share cuz I'm interested too. :)


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Usually, it is not possible to enlarge a picture (increase the resolution) and keep the same quality. When you try to do so, it is the same as magnifying the picture many many times. If you've ever done this, notice how the picture loses details and pixelates, or turns into squares of color without fine detail.

A picture meant only for a monitor does not need as much detail stored in the file to still look good on screen. A picture for printing, however, needs more detail (a larger file) because a printer can print at a higher resolution than your monitor can display. (more or less, anyway)

It gets a bit confusing because cameras and monitors use pixels-per-inch, yet printers use dots-per-inch. If you google dpi and/or ppi, you can probably find a better explanation than what I've suggested here.

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The short answer it that it can not be done and be a lossless conversion.

when you increase a pictures resolution via resizing through an image manipulation utility or paintshop/photoshop program, you increase the pixels so the software has to "guess" to fill in the extra pixels with close-to-color fill of the surrounding pixels, which makes them choppy and blurry. You can attempt to sharpen this with the softwares SHARPEN option, but you still will not get the same quality, and eventually if you sharpen too much it affect contrast and becomes blocky and too sharp.

Possible solutions would include sharpening, scanning an existing image to a higher resolution, or digital camera have resolutions etting that can be adjusted for size so you can take another pic using that.

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