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War on dust! -- In search of dust-free paper towels

15 years ago

Just realized my favorite paper towels, Brawny, put out a cloud of dust when torn, or even waved around a bit.

DH brought some home from WalMart Grocery store this week. Yes, he did get the right brand. No, he did not get plain white as he was asked; he got some cutesy printed ones. That's when I noticed the huge amounts of dust coming from the towels.

I then checked a roll of white ones I still had. They also give dust. But not nearly as much as the printed ones! (Is it the ink breaking off??? Is Brawny selling a substandard line of its towels to Walmart? I always get my PTs at the regular grocery store.)

Anyway, I have declared war on dust and if anyone knows of a paper towel that is relatively dust-free, please let me know. Meanwhile I will be buying a roll of each one at the store, and will let you know my findings.

Any other comments on dust-oblitration/control will be welcome as well. I have declared war on dust!

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