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Excessive Dust/Lint

Jen Lambo
last year

Please help! My home thats only 7 years old has an excessive amount of dust/lint in it. We have all hardwood floors. The dryer vent has been checked and its good. It goes directly outside from the back of the dryer. We even bought a new dryer.

We’ve had our supply ducts cleaned out and were told they were clean. We have also had a pressure test done which was also fine. I’m going crazy. I can dust one day and the very next day its back. This has been going on for years. The dust/lint smells just like fresh laundry. Ive even had the dust tested. The test showed it was mosly fibers from clothing.

We dont have any duct work in the attic but our return vents are just empty wall cavities and are capped off at the top in the attic. The dust/lint isnt the same as the insulation we have in attic. I have no idea the source of where its coming from.

Can anyone help me?

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