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36' drop in range & 30' wall oven vs 30' DF range

12 years ago

I previously typed a detailed post and somehow didn't submit it correctly. So, I will try again, good will probably be more concise and to the point.

We are remodeling our kitchen and I currently have a 36" GE Profile gas cook top and a Kitchen Aid Double Oven. Due to space constraints I am opting for either a range top and a wall oven or a DF range as I need more counter space.

I bake frequently and I desire an electric oven. I think I can get by with a single oven because I rarely use two at once. I prefer a gas cook top and I like the higher BTU's that are available now as it shouldn't take 20 minutes to boil a pot of water! I use my cook top several times a day and I love to cook!

So, my options are:

A) 36" drop in range - have looked at the Wolf (though have no idea of price, am guessing around $4000) or the GE Monogram which is around $2500. Combine this with a 30" single wall oven with convection - either a Jenn-Air at $2240 or a Kenmore Elite at $2000. Total cost between $4500 and $6240 depending on Wolf vs. GE Monogram for the drop in range.

B) 30" GE Cafe DF Range at $2754. (was quoted $6000 for a Wolf and $4800 for a GE Monogram)

or if I win the lottery

C) a 36" DF range Wolf ($9900) or GE Monogram ($8000)

Money is a factor or I wouldn't even be having to post these questions. I want good quality appliances, those that will serve my needs and also be helpful when selling the house in 5 years or so.

Any thoughts on this - configurations and brands? I prefer option A over B because I would have a bigger range top, however, is it really worth the cost?

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