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36' range plus wall oven vs. 48' range with dual ovens?

15 years ago

I thought I had decided on a 36" Wolf range and a separate wall oven/microwave/warming drawer combo (tbd). But when I went to the showroom again the other day, I kept going back to the 48". I want six burners, I want two ovens. But I also love the idea of a built in griddle since I use mine all the time. I just wonder if the second oven on the 48" range is too small? I'm trying to figure out what, specifically I would use the second oven for to determine if a smaller oven will be ok. Do I need a second full size oven? I love the size of the oven on the 36" range but I'm also loving the 48" cooktop. I would love to hear your feedback on how you decided on one setup over the other. We are doing a kitchen addition so I have plenty of room to work with. I guess a third option would be a 48" cooktop and two separate full size ovens, but I have to say I love the look of the big gleaming range.

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