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Question for Bill V (or anyone) About Sealing Marble

14 years ago

I hate to ask these types of questions because I know the answer has got to be out there and I'm just not finding it, but............I'm running out of time and after reading previous posts I'm currently stumped.

I am using polished crema marfil subway and 4x4's in my shower. I will be using Quartz Lock grout. The grout does not need to be sealed but the manufacturer recommends sealing the marble before grouting. So, I've read that Bill V recommends using a solvent based sealer instead of water based, but I also read a recommendation for Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold. I currently have a bottle of Sealers Choice Gold 15, however, and it is water based. Is this O.K. to use since it is water based?

Also, how should I clean the marble before sealing? Any specific products recommended?


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