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Removing Stubborn Soap Scum and Mildew

13 years ago

I have lived in a rental apartment for two years, and soap scum and mildew have formed in the shower (between the tiles). I thought that using body wash, instead of bar soap, would prevent the problem, and while we didn't have a problem with soap scum and mildew in our first year, it's become an issue in our second.

I've tried multiple methods to remove the soap scum and mildew. I've used commercial cleaner (I can't remember the name of it - Tilex, maybe?), which did absolutely nothing. I've used vinegar, applying it using a method I found online (soaking paper towels in vinegar, plastering them on the shower wall and letting them sit for hours until the soap scum is removed). The vinegar removed some of the soap scum, but not the most stubborn stains, and soap scum is starting to come back in the other areas in which it had been removed. I also tried bleach, which didn't have an effect.

My husband and I wipe down the shower after every use, but the soap scum and mildew aren't budging. I'm getting extremely frustrated. Any advice? Are there any products that you've used that have been effective in removing these stubborn build-ups?

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