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Stained windows with White Trim...and doors?

10 years ago

I know there are a number of threads talking about mixing painted trim and stained windows/doors. It seems when folks do so, they do stained windows w/ stained doors and white painted window trim/baseboard.

So to my question, no where do I see mention of anyone doing just stained windows with trim/doors painted. I can see why of course it seems natural to also stain the doors if you're going to mix them, but my question is would it be a big faux pas to not do so and just stain the windows.

We have Marvin Integrity windows w/ the nice stain-able wood interiors. We were planning to go budget in the basement level though and have painted millwork. If money was no option we'd just go stained throughout but its a basement, dark to start with, and I have no problem with white trim. It seems a shame to paint white over these gorgeous stain grade window interiors however. Could I stain the exterior fiberglass door in close proximity to the one large bank of windows and go white paint on all interior doors on this level or would that look ridiculous?

Any opinions or examples of anyone doing this and how it turned out would be much appreciated. Below is our lower level floorplan so you can see the location of windows and doors on the level. Only difference to plan in actuality versus drawing is we added an additional window on the cropped corner of the bedroom in basement.

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